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Business conditions and advertising rules of the company Veronika Nicolette Fleišer, Nad Vinicí 1709, Most 43401, IČ: 86751603.

1. These Terms and Conditions and the Advertising Rules govern all purchases of tickets for cultural events (hereinafter referred to as "Events") organized by Veronika N. Fleišer made through sales on this site. Purchases a ticket in any form of the customer's consent to these terms and conditions and advertising rules (hereinafter "Terms and Conditions") and undertakes to follow them.

2. The company Veronika N. Fleišer means the company Veronika Nicolette Fleišerová, IČ: 86751603, DIČ: CZ8354102768, with its registered office at Most 43401, Nad Vinicí 1709.

3. The company Veronika N. Fleišer is the organizer of the Events for which the individual tickets are sold. The purchase of tickets for the event creates a legal relationship between the customer who buys the ticket and the organizer of the event. Therefore, all customer claims are always measured against the event organizer.

4. The company Veronika N. Fleiš is therefore responsible for the holding of the venue from these events or for the fact that it takes place, also for any change or their date or holding.

5. In connection with the entry to a specific Event, the Customer is always obliged to follow the rules set by the organizer of the Event. He is also obliged to submit to the operating and visiting rules of the Event venue.

6. The organizer of each Event reserves the right to change its program, date and venue. The purchase of a ticket acknowledges the customer's right to the organizer.

7. Purchase purchased tickets - (confirmation of payment) always keep safely, do not display and show anywhere. At the same time, we strongly recommend buying second-hand tickets, you avoid the unpleasant surprise that you will not be admitted to the event. Alternatively, you can verify the authenticity of the document with us.

How to buy tickets.

8. The customer acknowledges that the company's distribution prices may be supplemented by the company's distribution fees, especially for the processing, issuance and delivery of tickets.

9. For the reason stated in the provisions of § 1837, letter j) of the Civil Code, it is not possible to withdraw from the purchase of a ticket in accordance with § 1829 of the Civil Code (withdrawal within 14 days without giving a reason), because in this case it is a contract for leisure and performance (participation in the event provided at a specified time or time.

Complaints Procedure.

10. Paid admission is non-refundable unless otherwise stated below.

11. The purchased ticket is not exchanged. In the event of damage, destruction, loss or theft of the ticket, the ticket will not be replaced with a new one and customers will not be reimbursed.

12. In the event that the Event organized by Veronika N. Fleišer is completely canceled, the customer will be notified that the Event is canceled. Veronika N. Fleišer is not liable to customers if it is not possible to reach this contact in time or if the customer receives a delayed notice of cancellation of the Event in a timely manner.

13. If the Event is completely canceled, Veronika N. Fleišer will return the entire entrance fee as described below.

14. If the Event is completely canceled and the customer has already paid for the ticket for this Event, the current procedure for returning the ticket will be published on the website here. The procedure for returning the entry fee is as follows:

• If the ticket for the canceled Event was purchased via the website here, send the customer an email requesting a refund, with details of yourself and the account number without undue delay. Admission will be returned to customers' bank account. Any fees associated with the payments are not part of the refund. Refunds only apply to one ticket price. Contact email: [email protected]

• If a new date has been set for the event, the customer is not entitled to a refund of the ticket amount.

15. All complaints and any questions must be delivered without undue delay by e-mail to the e-mail address: [email protected].

16. In no way can the company claim a ticket to any Event organized by Veronika N. Fleišer, which the customer did not purchase through our website.

Protection of personal data.

17. Veronika N. Fleišer acts as the administrator of the personal data of website users.

In conclusion.

18. Should any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and the Advertising Rules be invalid, the validity of the other provisions shall remain unaffected.

19. Veronika N. Fleišer reserves the right to update the Terms and Conditions.

20. These Business Conditions apply from 1 January 2022

In Most on 1 January 2022 eronVeronika N. Fleišer



The company Veronika N. Fleišer, with its registered office at Nad Vinicí 1709, Most 43401, Company Identification Number: 86751603 (hereinafter also “We”), as the administrator of personal data, sites